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3 degrees of bird-control solutions

Bird spikes or porcupine wire make it difficult for birds to land. The spikes do not harm birds and only need to be cleaned occasionally.

Whether at your home, boat or business, you’ll sometimes do anything to get rid of those pesky pooping birds. They can lead to expensive repairs on air-conditioning units or drive away customers who otherwise would enjoy dining on the patio. Fortunately, a number of options are available to help rid pest birds from your life.

1. The simple way

A few simple methods might be most useful if you’re dealing with smaller areas or a small number of birds. Reflective tape and balloons, believe it or not, are a couple of small ways to make a big difference. Whether tape, balloons or scarecrow-type figures, the items have to be moved often so the birds do not become accustomed to them.

2. Moderate

These methods involve moderate investments in either time, money or effort and have the most choices available to you. Plastic netting and chicken wire systems are methods used to keep birds out of specific places. Adapted from agricultural use, these systems can work very well for certain areas. Similarly, “trip wire” systems are used on ledges primarily to deter pigeons by using a series of parallel wires to literally trip them up. An item called “bird spiders” can be attached to A/C units, lights, signs and other items to deter birds. Spiders have thin, flexible steel arms that wave in the wind to deter many kinds of birds. For other surfaces, rows of “bird spikes” or “porcupine wire” can easily be placed to make it difficult for birds to land. Despite the ominous name, the spikes are harmless to birds. They also last a long time with the occasional cleaning of accumulated debris. For the aesthetic-minded, “bird slopes” offer a solution similar to bird spikes. Aptly named, bird slopes can be made to blend into almost any surface and deter birds by denying them a place to comfortably perch.

3. Higher end

More advanced bird-control options take aggressive approaches and actively force birds from areas. Many are familiar with noise systems that mimic distress signals or predator calls. These systems deter large numbers of birds at the cost of noise pollution to people.

Another aggressive option, without the noise, is to use misters. This system uses a harmless natural chemical that most birds find repulsive. Another option for flat surfaces are electric wires. Birds land on the electric surface and receive a small jolt similar to a static-electricity shock. The birds are not harmed.

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