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USS Lexington puts its ghost to work

Learn a history lesson from a ghost aboard the USS Lexington. His exciting story won’t bore you to death!

A ghost named Charlie now calls the engine room of the USS Lexington, the famed aircraft carrier in Corpus Christi Bay, home.

Well, he’s not quite a ghost. He’s a hologram. Using a high-end projection system and state-of-the-art animation, the USS Lexington gave this engine room operator “life” and put him to work as a tour guide.

Charlie is not exactly a fictional character. Since the aircraft carrier opened to the public in 1992, visitors have reported multiple ghost sightings on the Blue Ghost.

“When the ship first got to Corpus Christi and people started touring, there were reports by some people that there was a ghost of a young sailor down in the engine room,” said Debbie Crites, Marketing Director at the USS Lexington. “According to some people, he would be dressed in white with blue eyes and blonde hair.”

The hologram of Charlie the Ghost was brought aboard to teach visitors about the USS Lexington’s role in World War II, during which the aircraft carrier spent 21 months in combat. Charlie tells the story of being on board when a Japanese torpedo hit the Lex during an air raid on December 4,1943.

See the ghost with your own eyes and hear his story with a visit to the USS Lexington Museum on the Bay. The ship is open year-round, seven days a week.

Visit for admission, hours and more information (be sure to save the digital coupon for $1 off admission!).

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