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Alpha & Omega Siding & Windows remodels old homes like new

Brianna Chavarria and Manuel Chavarria Jr. in the showcase headquarters for Alpha and Omega Siding & Windows in Corpus Christi. The 15-year-old company has expanded over the year to include complete remodeling services. Photo by Jane Kathleen Gregoria

When Alpha and Omega Siding and Windows renovates a home, “many people tell us it looks like we took away their old house and brought them a new one,” said business owner Manuel Chavarria Jr.

In the siding and window business since 2003, Alpha and Omega expanded its services over the years to include full-house renovations.

“We take pride in that,” Chavarria Jr. said. “Our headquarters is actually an older building that we renovated inside and out to show clients what kind of services we do.”

As new technologies and products become available, Chavarria Jr. incorporates them into company headquarters as a showcase.

“We use the best of what’s out there to stay updated with the latest trends,” he said. “We have had many clients decide to sign a contract with us after seeing what we can do.”

Expanding the business paved Chavarria’s road to success. Even during hard times, when other companies were suffering, Alpha and Omega was able to thrive because of the many products and services offered.

In addition to siding installation, which includes vinyl, Hardie, and Smart siding, the company also installs hurricane and non-hurricane windows and doors. Other services include painting, composition, roofing, patios, screen rooms, sunrooms, concrete work, stone work, drywall, and complete home remodeling.

Alpha and Omega Siding and Windows LLC serves all of Central and South Texas, including Austin, San Antonio, and the Rio Grande Valley.

Chavarria Jr. recently shared some of the tools used in building his success with Corpus Christi Living:

  • Start every day as though you are unemployed. Get out every day to earn more business and gain more contracts.
  • Stand by your work. There’s no such thing as a perfect company. When a customer has an issue, make sure that issue is resolved or corrected. Always follow up with them.
  • Maintain relationships. Build a reputation for quality work through word-of-mouth referrals — the original social media networking. Happy clients tell their friends and family, which helps grow your business.


As a family business, Alpha and Omega Siding and Windows looks to the future by training its next generation. Chavarria’s oldest son, Manuel Chavarria III, is following in his father’s footsteps, learning the business from top to bottom.

Daughter Brianna has been working for the company for the past five years. She currently serves as assistant office manager. Daughters Danielle and Mercedes help whenever there is a need as have daughters Toni Lee and Priscilla over the years.

“We try to get everyone involved in certain phases of the business,” Chavarria Jr. said. “When the time comes for me to retire, customers will still be able to depend on the next generation to continue the same quality of work, knowledge, and skills. We trust in God to guide us, and that’s the way I want our company to continue going.”

For Brianna, working with her father is not only a secure career path but also important bonding time.

“I’ve always been really close to my dad,” she said. “He’s probably been one of the biggest influences in my life. I get to learn from the best because I consider my dad as the best.”

Chavarria III also reflects his father’s business ethics and skills, taking great pride in his work.

“I love the satisfaction of seeing the happiness on my customer’s faces,” he said. “We are a local company that stands behind its work. And just as our company name implies, when it comes to remodeling, from beginning to end, ‘we’ve got you covered.’”

Alpha and Omega Siding and Windows LLC is located at 5715 Christine St. in Corpus Christi. For more information, call (361) 510-6181 or visit

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