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EPIC pipeline now carrying gas

The EPIC pipeline now under construction runs from just north of the Texas/New Mexico border in West Texas across the state some 650 miles to the Gulf Coast. It will end at a fracinator plant in Corpus Christi sometime in 2019. Courtesy illustration

Gas now runs through phase one of the EPIC pipeline, which is officially complete. Construction continues on the 650-mile pipeline, which will eventually connect the Permian and Eagle Ford shale plays to the Port of Corpus Christi for treating and shipping. The pipeline will ultimately have a full capacity of 350,000 barrels per day.

The first of the three-phase project begins just across the Texas border in New Mexico in what is called the Orla termina. The second phase is now under construction. The final phase will being at the end of 2019 and end at a $200 million fractionator plant on the Gulf Coast. A fractionator prepares the raw oil and gas products for use in manufacturing or exporting.

The fractionator, which is being built by EPIC Y Grade Pipeline LP, was granted a 10-year tax abatement by the Nueces County commissioners last November. Initial construction of the pipeline began in December 2017.

The gas pipeline runs parallel to another EPIC pipeline being constructed. That pipeline will carry crude oil.

EPIC Y Grade Pipeline LP is a subsidiary of EPIC Y Grade Holdings and EPIC Midstream Holdings of San Antonio.

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