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Herrman & Herrman for protection after an auto collision

Gregory H. Herrman, managing member of Herrman & Herrman P.L.L.C., Personal Injury Law Firm in Corpus Christi and McAllen.

The Herrman & Herrman personal injury law firm has settled more than 20,000 cases involving injuries resulting from auto collisions to oil fields and everything in between. The company has been operating in Corpus Christi for more than 20 years and in McAllen for the past 10 years.

“Our foremost goal is to obtain justice for our clients,” said Gregory H. Herrman, one of two brothers who founded the firm.

Attorneys of the firm include David E. Herrman, Of Counsel, Gregory H. Herrman, Managing Member, and associates Justin P. Green, Jonathan R. Garza, Kyzmyck D. Byerly, Minesh J. Patel, William R. Privette, Scott T. Staha and Steven C. Stratso.

The most common forms of personal injury cases the Herrman & Herrman Law Firm handle result from automobile, motorcycle and 18-wheeler collisions.

“Insurance companies will try their hardest to not accept liability of the accident,” Greg Herrman said. “Our attorneys are very aggressive in proving negligence and liability in an auto collision.”

“The system is stacked against injured people,” Herrman continued.

He urged those involved in a collision to contact an attorney, even if they don’t immediately feel injured.

“Due to shock, you may not feel any injuries right away,” he said. “It may take a day or two before you realize that you have been severely injured. The injuries could be lifelong if they are not addressed right away.” The attorneys at Herrman & Herrman will fight for more than your property damage, lost wages and medical bills. They also fight for compensation for pain and suffering and mental anguish damage as well as future problems that could arise from the injuries.

“Our attorneys will aggressively negotiate for any damages you might be entitled to by law,” Herrman said.Being able to afford legal representation shouldn’t be a concern after suffering an injury.

Herrman explained, “At our office you pay a lawyer’s fee only if we are successful in obtaining money for you through a negotiated insurance settlement of your claim or a jury award if the case goes to trial.”

The insurance’s injury claim process can be tricky and unfair to the injured party, which is where the Herrman and Herrman Law Office comes in to help.

“All we want the clients to do is to treat their injuries and get back to their healthy selves,” Herrman said. “We take care of the rest while keeping the clients informed every step of the way.”

Herrman offered these steps to follow if involved in a vehicle collision:

• If you’re able, call 911 to investigate immediately after the car accident.

• Make sure to document the scene by taking photos of the vehicles, skid marks from tires and any property damage.

• If there are any witnesses, ask for their contact information.• Exchange insurance information with other vehicles involved. “If you are hurt in a collision, it is important to know your rights and hire a personal injury lawyer,” Herrman said. “We want to help people. I like getting what I consider justice from the insurance companies.”

Herrman also offered tips on what to look for in a personal injury attorney.

• Pick an attorney who is 100 percent focused on personal injury law.

• Make sure that attorney shows he or she is an expert in the field. Do not get caught up in flashy commercials or advertisements.

• Check client testimonials, Google reviews and word-of-mouth referrals that can speak for their success.

All of those qualities can be found at Herrman & Herrman, a firm that also believes in supporting its communities. Locally, the firm contributes regularly to Lemonade Day Coastal Bend, People Assisting Animal Control, Fiesta de la Flor, Toys for Tots, Stuff the Bus, multiple scholarships and more.

“My primary joy in life is providing excellent service to my community, and the more activities I can be involved in or the more help I can lend out, the better our city will be as a whole,” Herrman said. “It also gives my employees the opportunity to give back to the community, which boosts office morale and builds a collaborative and inspired team.”

Herrman & Herrman, PLLC, in Corpus Christi is located at 4121 N 23rd St., (361) 882-4357. The McAllen office is located at 801 E. Fern Ave., No. 155, (956) 630-9797.

For more information or to have a live chat with someone at the firm about your immediate needs, you can also visit


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