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Keeping up with landscaping needs in Corpus Christi is a battle against the elements, but the professional lawn and garden experts in the area know how to keep your home or business in tip-top shape. For the best in landscaping, lawn service, sprinkler and irrigation systems, professional tree trimmers and more, turn to our Lawn and Garden Guide.

You find stories about: Our advertisers offer the best in lawn care. They specialize in installing and maintaining irrigation and sprinkler systems; trimming services, including palm trees; and what to plant and how to help it thrive.

Corpus Christi lawn and garden experts do more than mow your grass; they know the indigenous plants best suited for your specific yard and where in the yard they will reach their potential.

Whether you’re looking for greener grass, more shade or to cultivate a garden and fruit trees, the professionals in Corpus Christi have the green thumbs and expertise to have you achieve your goals.