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BREAKING NEWS: Gas Leak Reported Near Bob Hall Pier

Nueces County ESD No. 2 responded to a gas well leak near Bob Hall Pier on North Padre Island in Corpus Christi on Sept. 1. Photo Courtesy Jon Brandt Photography

A Nueces County emergency crew responded to a call of a possible gas leak from an oil rig near Bob Hall pier Tuesday, Sept. 1. The team was deployed at 8:30 a.m. to investigate possible gas escaping into the air about 3-5 miles offshore near the pier.

The General Land Office and U.S. Coast Guard have both been called in to help shut the well down, reported the Nueces County Emergency Services District No. 2 on its Facebook page. The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality and the Corpus Christi Fire Department are also on the scene.

According to witnesses on Padre Island, the leak is loud, sounding like a jet taking off. A strong fuel smell has also been reported. A reverse alert was sent to mobile phones on the island at about 11 a.m.

“The smell of gas is (super) strong at the sea wall,” reported Jace Tunnell on his Facebook page. Tunnell is director for the Mission-Aransas National Estuarine Research Reserve.

The natural gas well is owned by Magellan. The company is working with the Coast Guard to shut it down. Reporters are being told, however, that the water is too rough for smaller boats to get near the well. A helicopter is expected to do a flyover of the area soon.

This is a continuing story. Check back for updates.

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There are 2 comments.

Bill Pope —
I’m surprised that this isn’t bigger news. When the winds subside it may be of major concern!
W Barratt —
My neighbors and myself are having trouble sleeping and wondering what is been done to shut the possible disaster down. Was awakened this morning early about 3.00 am or so. As far as the alert that was to happen at around 11.00 am, I didn't receive a call on either of my two phones. I thought that the Thunderbird air show was in practise, went outside to a bright full moon and heard what I thought were jet engine close by. Quite disturbing all day long.

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