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Chemours expands Ingleside plant production

The Chemours Corpus Christi refrigerant plant in Ingleside became the world’s largest producer of automotive and other coolants when it went online in February 2019. It is expanding its production of one of its key products, Chemours Opteon YF (HFO-1234yf), by 40 percent. Courtesy photo

Chemours in Ingleside will up its capacity to produce Chemours Opteon YF (HFO-1234yf) refrigerant by 40 percent to help meet customer demand, the chemical company recently announced. The YF blends of refrigerant help customers transition to lower global warming potential.

The blend has zero ozone depletion potential and significantly lower global warming potential than legacy refrigerants, said Alisha Bellezza, president of Thermal & Specialized Solutions at Chemours.

“Opteon YF is a game-changing refrigerant solution accelerating global sustainability initiatives,” Bellezza said. “As demand increases, we are proud to make the investment that will help our customers navigate the complex regulatory landscape while supporting their bottom line with a high-performing, readily available product. This expansion demonstrates Chemours’s devotion to our customers, the communities in which we live and work, and the health and sustainability of the planet.”

The refrigerants manufactured by Chemours will be delivered to a rapidly growing base of customers around the world. In the mobile air conditioning market, the number of vehicles on U.S. roads using HFO-1234yf is estimated to be at least 80 million. Since the opening of the production facility, several equipment manufacturing companies have also selected Opteon products for residential and commercial HVAC applications.

By 2025, Chemours estimates that its low-GWP product line will eliminate around 325 million tons of carbon dioxide equivalent globally.

Flagship products produced by the company include prominent brands such as Ti-Pure, Opteon, Freon, Teflon, Viton, Nafion, and Krytox. The company has approximately 6,400 employees and 29 manufacturing sites serving around 3,200 customers in about 120 countries. Chemours is headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware, and listed on the NYSE under the symbol CC.

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