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Corpus Christi Beaches Closed for Storm

Tropical Storm Hanna is expected to make landfall in Corpus Christi at about 1 a.m. Saturday, July 25. The storm could bring winds of up to 60 mph, 6-8 inches of rainfall, and storm surges that could cause major flooding in the area.

Beaches in Nueces County and Corpus Christi closed at noon Friday, July 24, in preparation for Tropical Storm Hanna, which is headed straight for the Coastal Bend. They will remain closed to both vehicular and pedestrian traffic until 6 a.m. Monday, July 27.

“Nueces County is in the center of the projected path,” said County Judge Barbara Canales at the joint city/county daily news briefing July 23.

With winds of up to 60 mph, Tropical Storm Hanna is expected to hit Corpus Christi in the early morning hours of Saturday, July 25. Three to 6 inches of rain are expected across the Coastal Bend. Eight inches could accumulate in isolated areas. Rain coupled with storm surges are expected to flood areas along the coast.

Residents were urged to sign up for reverse alerts on the storm’s progress by registering at

While the city is removing lifeguard stands, port-a-potties, and trash cans from the beaches in preparation for the storm, Gov. Greg Abbott announced the state is preparing resources for the area in advance of the storm making landfall.

“These resources will help our communities respond to the severe weather and possible flash floods caused by this Tropical Depression,” Abbott said in a statement. “Throughout the weekend, Texans should heed the guidance from local officials and remain vigilant against this severe weather to keep themselves and their loved ones safe.”

Normally focused on COVID-19 and its effects on the city, Thursday’s joint briefing included warnings about preparing for the incoming storm.

The two crises came together when Corpus Christi Mayor Joe McComb spoke, reminding people to keep take their masks with them if moved out of the way of the storm to stay with friends.

“You’re really fighting two battles,” McComb said. “COVID is not going to take a rest. It may get real excited when people get together and are not washing hands or wearing masks. There’s gong to be a little extra burden on your shoulders.”

Meanwhile, Tropical Storm Gonzalo is threatening to become the first hurricane of the season and may also be heading west toward the Gulf of Mexico.

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