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Corpus Christi Downtown Converts to 2-Way Streets

A map of five streets soon to be converted from one-way to two-way traffic in downtown Corpus Christi. The streets connect the city’s bayfront to its downtown area. Courtesy map

Corpus Christi’s downtown one-way streets will soon head in a different direction — two directions actually. On Monday, Jan. 11, the city began converting five one-way streets to two-way traffic flow. Vehicles on Starr, Peoples Schatzell, Lomax, and John Sartain streets from Shoreline Boulevard to Water Street will be able to drive in both directions after work is complete.

The project to change the one-block, one-way portions of streets turning off Shoreline Boulevard is part of the Downtown Reinvestment Zone’s Planning and Traffic Analysis. Chaparral Street was successfully converted in 2018.

“This project is one more step toward connecting our bayfront to our downtown area, and it will also improve the condition of streets that are long overdue for a facelift,” City Manager Peter Zanoni said. “It will enable natural traffic movement and make Shoreline Boulevard more welcoming for tourists and residents alike.”

Along with converting traffic direction, the city will add a thin asphalt overlay, new signage, and pavement striping.

Streets will be converted in order from north to south. The whole project should be completed sometime in late March or early April, depending on weather.

“We look forward to finally establishing normal traffic patterns around Shoreline Boulevard,” said Alyssa Barrera Mason, executive director of the Downtown Management District. “We know from our 2018 conversion of Chaparral Street that a fresh street with two-way traffic is positive for our downtown and makes everyone feel safer.”

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