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Corpus Christi Plans Watergarden Fountains Fix

The Watergarden Fountains in the SEA District in downtown Corpus Christi in full sparkling splendor before damage by Hurricane Harvey in August 2017 shut them down. Staff photo

The Watergarden fountains, dry since Hurricane Harvey hit in 2017, might soon flow again, along with the Shoreline fountains that also have been dormant. Seawall sales-tax funds can be used to repair the damaged fountain, city attorneys recently told the City Council.

The council voted Tuesday, May 14, to award a $364,000 contract to evaluate and make recommendations on the fountains, a kiosk on the seawall, and wind turbine sculptures in the downtown SEA District. The Sports, Entertainment, and Arts District is home to the American Bank Center, Selena Auditorium, the South Texas Museum of Art, the Harbor Playhouse, the Corpus Christi Museum of Science and History, and more. A second vote of the council will be needed to finalize the decision.

The estimated total cost of the renovation is $1.7 million, which would come from a $45 million repair fund approved by voters in 2000. Of the $45 million in the fund, $41 million has been allocated to flood protection projects.

The Watergarden is included in the Seawall Improvement Boundary area, making it eligible for money in the Seawall Improvement Fund, according to city attorneys. Seawall-dedicated sales-tax dollars also have been used to renovate the miradores that overlook Corpus Christi Bay and repair a parking lot at The Water’s Edge park.

Corpus Christi spent $2.38 million building the fountains in 1988. The city paid for half of the expense with an increase in the hotel-occupancy tax. Money for the other half came from the Foundation for Sciences and Arts Inc., a private nonprofit.

The city is also considering putting the one-eighth sales tax before voters again, this time allocating at least part of the the money for street repairs.

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