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Corpus Christi Sales Tax Free Weekend August 9-11

Backpacks under $100 and school supplies top the list of items that can be purchased sales tax free Friday-Sunday, August 9-11. Most clothes and footwear are also tax-free during the weekend.

It’s that time of year again: back-to-school shopping and the annual sales tax-free weekend. Starting Friday, August 9, and ending at midnight Sunday, August 11, shoppers can save money on school supplies and clothes as they get ready for the new school year.

Exempted from sales tax for the three days are most clothing, footwear, school supplies, and backpacks priced below $100. Shoppers can save about $8 for every $100 spent, depending on the community in which they shop.

According to Texas State Comptroller Glenn Hegar, shoppers collectively will save about $102.2 million in sate and local sales taxes.

“As Texas families begin the process of replacing their beach towels with lunch boxes, the sales tax holiday is the perfect opportunity to save some money on supplies that families need before the school bell rings,” Hegar said. “As a father of three, I know how these expenses can add up.”

An extensive list of clothing, footwear, and other qualifying items, along with non-qualifying items, can be found at Some of the items that remain taxable are accessories such as belt buckles, barrettes, purses, watches, and handbags. While baseball caps and baseball jerseys are exempt from sales tax, baseball cleats, gloves, and pants will be taxed.

The Comptroller’s website also has details on how the sales-tax exemption applies to school supplies and backpacks.

Texas has had back-to-school tax-exempt weekends since 1999.

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