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Crescendo Cafe New Corpus Christi Frozen Treat

n up-close look at Roseola, a pink rose nitro ice cream served at Crescendo Cafe, 5118 S. Staples St. in Corpus Christi. Courtesy photo

Corpus Christi has gone nitro. The Southside’s latest restaurant, Crescendo Cafe at 5118 S. Staples St., serves liquid nitrogen-infused cereal puffs and ice cream along with a unique menu of crepes and ramen.

Liquid nitrogen is all the craze with kids looking for an extreme way to beat the summer heat. Using nitrogen to fast-freeze ice cream keeps fat and water particles small, leaving behind a creamy consistency — much creamier than regular ice cream. Fans also claim to get an explosion of flavor as the ice cream melts in your mouth.

Crescendo’s nitrogen frozen cereal puffs are dipped into flavored condensed milk that emits an icy steam when served. Bite into it and you’ll breath out nitro gas, which is why it is called Heaven’s Breath.

Nick Van Meter is the front-end manager of the franchise, which originated in Los Angeles. Newcomers to the extra icy desserts should treat them like they would a hot cup of coffee: “Take your time!”

Speaking of coffee, Crescendo offers a full coffee menu with latte, cold brew, mocha, and chai as well as a myriad of teas both iced and hot.

Food items include a variety of ramen, including a ramen burger. Also on the menu are Asian-inspired dishes created by two Corpus Christi residents, Antonio Munoz and Himawan Ismanto. Favorites are the short ribs, fried tofu, salmon mango nachos, and beef skewers.

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