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Driverless buses slated for TAMU-Corpus Christi campus

A model of the driverless bus that could become a common sight on the Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi campus this fall. Corpus Christi Regional Transit will soon view bids for the vehicles, which are about the size of a small car, only taller. Courtesy photo

Self-driving buses are coming to the Islander campus. The Corpus Christi Regional Transit Authority hopes to have autonomous buses transporting students around the Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi campus as early as fall. Bids are expected back on the project this week, according to transit authority CEO Jorge Cruz-Aedo.

The proposed vehicles will be small — about the size of a car, only taller — and navigate campus roads sans drivers. A human attendant is expected to be on board until the technology proves to be 100 percent reliable, Cruz-Aedo assured.

City officials say they will be watching the pilot program with an eye toward bringing the technology into downtown and maybe even the Southside.

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