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Elizabeth Welsh Interior Design in Corpus Christi wins awards

Interior designer Elizabeth Welsh with her two first-place awards, which she received from the American Society of Interior Designers in San Antonio. The awards were for outstanding design work by her company, Elizabeth Welsh Interior Design in Corpus Christi. Courtesy photo/Illustration Roland Chiapoco

Elizabeth Welsh Interior Design of Corpus Christi recently received two first-place Pinnacle of Design awards from the San Antonio chapter of the American Society of Interior Designers. The two winning awards were for living spaces designed by business owner Elizabeth Welsh. One was for an interior remodel that included bringing multi-level floors of a home all on one level. Welsh calls this one the Southern Sun Room. The second award was for a nursery in which she had to create a variety of lighting options and use colors and wallpaper that could adapt to each stage of a child’s growth.

“These awards were an affirmation for me,” Welsh said. “They mean to me, as a small-business owner, that I am able to create on a level that is recognized by other creative individuals in my field.”

At 32, the Corpus Christi native has owned her own business in her hometown for more than two years. She is a licensed interior designer with the state of Texas and holds a Bachelor of Science from Texas Christian University. Her work includes both residential and commercial. The scope covers what she jokingly calls “from studs to toilet paper.”

“I have done it all,” she said. “I will completely remodel the interior of your house. I’m trained in lighting, in health and safety aspects, and I keep up with current standards for building.”

As a longtime resident of Corpus Christ with over eight years’ experience working for a local architectural firm, Welsh also brings to the table a close working relationship with area journeymen, craftsmen, and contractors.

“With me, you get one-stop shopping,” she continued. “I’m the concierge to get them where (the clients) want to go.”

Big or small, Welsh takes on any size project.

“Some people just want a color change or to revitalize their space with pillows or a new coffee table,” Welsh said. “I like to have a variety of projects, each one different. Different projects charge different batteries for me.”

The Corpus Christi climate and marketplace have proven to be inspirations for her work.

“I know the climate, how materials are going to last and react to that,” she said. “For example, I know to specify a copper light fixture for an exterior lantern than something that will rust and erode quickly — a million details like that. There’s something about being a local that allows your creativity to expand even more.”

Elizabeth Welsh Interior Designs can be reached at (361) 946-8963 or Visit for more information.

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