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Frida Kahlo Shop Opens in Corpus Christi

The Frida Store at 4407 Alameda in Corpus Christi is the only physical location in the world that sells Frida Kahlo products licensed by the Frida Corporation. Courtesy photo

A one-of-a-kind store for a one-of-a-kind legendary artist recently opened in Corpus Christi. The Frida Store, 4407 Alameda, is the only Frida store anywhere in the world. It carries home decor, accessories, clothing, furniture, and more, all designed in homage to the artwork of Frida Kahlo, a Mexican painter who died in 1954. Mexico City has a museum dedicated to her colorful, powerful art.

While Frida Kahlo-inspired products have been available online, the Corpus Christi location is the only physical location where shoppers can walk in and browse.

Owners Catherine Vega and Jennifer Musqiez first tested the Corpus Christi market with a pop-up shop downtown. The venture proved a success and paved the way for The Frida Corporation to get behind a more permanent retail location.

The products in the store are inspired by the artist but do not use actual artwork. Kahlo’s work belongs to the Mexican government.

The Frida Corporation promote’s the artist’s brand, licensing Frida Kahlo products.

“The brand represents the female role modern, a strong woman that transcends and overcomes barriers of culture, time, and society with her unique and iconic personality and encourages the world to think and to be different,” reads the licensing statement on the corporation’s website. “Frida Kahlo’s legacy has inspired the world, and the licensing program seeks to expand her positive impact and inspiration of empowerment, self-confidence, passion, and love with a brand that is: timeless, passionate, avant garde, multifaceted, creative, iconic, and more.”

The Frida Store is located at 4407 Alameda. For more information, visit the website at or the Facebook page @itFridaGIRL.

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