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Harbor Bridge completion pushed to 2025

The new Harbor Bridge was originally expected to be completed in 2020. Delays, design problems, and safety concerns have slowed the process. It's now projected to be done in 2025. Courtesy photo

Some work on the long-delayed Harbor Bridge project could resume as early as next week, but the Texas Department of Transportation has pushed back the project's completion date to 2025.

Work will restart now that a major safety concern has been resolved, according to an Oct. 28 announcement by TxDOT and project developer Flatiron/Dragados.

TxDOT and Arup-CFC, Flatiron/Dragados’ engineer of record, redesigned the bridge's delta frames, adding steel to the connections.

That issue was one of five design flaws that TxDOT pointed out when ordering a halt to work on the structure’s main span on July 15. The four unresolved issues are:

  • inadequate capacity of the pylon-drilled shafts;
  • deficient pile caps that could lead to collapse under certain load conditions;
  • significant uplifts at the intermediate piers;
  • and excessive torsion and other stresses related to crane placement during construction.

Because TxDOT has not yet lifted its Aug. 16 notice of default to Flatiron/Dragados, the state agency could still dismiss the developer without additional notice.

The main span construction stoppage has not affected work on the Texas 286-Interstate 37 interchange, north and south approaches, and North Beach roads. The developer’s pre-casting facility in Robstown has completed all approach segments, 59 percent of the main span segments, and 77 percent of the delta frames.

According to TxDOT’s Corpus Christi district engineer, Valente Olivares Jr., the bridge should be finished in 2025. A more specific timeline is not yet available. When construction began in 2016, the projected completion date was 2020.

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