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How the Government shutdown affects Corpus Christi

Air Traffic Controllers at the Corpus Christi International Airport are still on the job despite a federal government shutdown that began Friday, Dec. 21. Courtesy photo

A partial shutdown of the federal government has had little affect on the Coastal Bend area. The shutdown began its first full day on Wednesday, Dec. 26 after President Donald Trump refused to approve a spending bill unless it included $5 billion for along the United States border with Mexico.

This is the third government shutdown this year. The first two were in January and February. Although Dec. 26 was the first full day, it began on Friday, Dec. 21. While staff level discussions continue on how to end the impasse, congressional leaders and the President are not currently negotiating.

In Corpus Christi, small business owners needing help from the Small Business Administration are out of luck until local offices reopen. Other local federal offices closed by the shutdown are the state and local farm services operated by the Agriculture Department; federal housing programs; and the Department of Commerce.

Padre Island National Seashore remains open despite the shutdown, but is not offering certain services, including trash pickup and tours. Park Rangers will also be scarce.

At the Corpus Christi Army Depot, the commissary, bowling alley and the Personnel Support Division are all closed. The Naval Health Clinic is open, except for physical therapy. Wait times are expected to be longer than usual because of staffing shortages and shorter operating hours.

Both the Corpus Christi and Kingsville Naval Air Stations remain open and fully operational.

Also not affected is Air Traffic Control at the Corpus Christi International Airport.

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