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Live holiday music at Corpus Christi airport

The Corpus Christi International Airport is adding amenities to make travel more comfortable and hassle-free during the holiday season. Courtesy photo

Ambiance and parking upgrades enhance airport experience

The Corpus Christi International Airport is stepping up to greet residents and visitors with warmth and music during the holiday season. Beginning Friday, Nov. 19, the airport will host live musicians to play on the second floor of the terminal. It will also upgrade parking.

“Music will be played for a few hours during the busiest travel time of day when most people are arriving,” said Kim Bridger-Hunt, CCIA marketing manager. “Each day is a little different.”

Typically, music is played from 1-5 p.m. Saxophonist Daryl Eason, guitarist Michael Moore, and performer Michael Perez are a few of the musicians.

Parking improvements are in place as well with a new cellphone lot now open immediately north of the main airport parking lot for those awaiting arrivals.

If people want to wait inside the airport for family or friends, CCIA is offering three hours of free parking. They can hang out at a new destination, the Window Seat Bar, a full-service bar located between gates 1 and 2.

For those who have parked and are returning to their cars, modern “pay-on-foot” machines have been installed, allowing people to pay for parking before walking back to their vehicles in less time than waiting in line at the airport exit.

New signage is up on airport property. An updated destination map highlighting some of the unique places to visit in the Coastal Bend also was added.

The CCIA Terminal and parking lot will be busier than usual during the weeks leading up to and during Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's. So, plan to arrive early.

Due to a federal order, visitors must wear masks while inside the terminal. Travelers also are required to wear masks when on planes.

The airport also has a new phone number: 361-826-3232.

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