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Luxury Apartments Slated for Ocean Drive in Corpus Christi

A 2.8-acre lot at 4601 Ocean Drive, which has been vacant since 1980, soon will be home to a multi-family luxury apartment complex. Photos from Google Maps

Construction on a $25 million residential complex at 4601 Ocean Drive is expected to begin soon, according to a building permit issued by the city of Corpus Christi on July 3. The four-story building will have 169 units of what most likely will be high-end apartments.

NE Construction, the company building the complex, is known for its luxury properties, including one in San Angelo. The Boulevard is a garden-style apartment building with 198 units. The Lewisville-based company is also known for its energy-efficient designs and sustainable construction.

Cn Ocean Drive LP purchased the 2.8 acres of land for $2.5 million from the Flato family in 2016. The property has been vacant and unused since 1980 when a party pavilion and swimming pool called the Beach Club was destroyed by Hurricane Allen.

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