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No More Curbside Parking at Corpus Christi Airport

Drivers will no longer be allowed to park their vehicles and wait for passengers curbside at Corpus Christi International Airport. As of May 1, security will be talking to drivers to explain the new rules as part of enforcement. Unattended vehicles will be towed at the owner’s expense. Courtesy photo

No more waiting curbside for passenger pickup at Corpus Christi International Airport. Enforcement of a new initiative recently approved by the City Council to limit curbside parking will begin May 1. Only vehicles actively loading or unloading will be allowed. The purpose of the new rule is to keep the area in front of the airport clear of traffic congestion and improve safety.

“We’ve seen a growing amount of traffic curbside with drivers parked and even double parked along the curb,” said Fred Segundo, director of aviation at the airport. “By transitioning the curb to active loading and unloading only, we have the authority to clear out the front of the terminal and make the area safer for everyone.”

More officers will be available to enforce the initiative beginning in May. Signs with the new rules are now being posted. Officers will not be focused on writing tickets, Segundo said, but on explaining restrictions to drivers. Cars and trucks left unattended curbside will be towed at the owner’s expense.

Along with the restrictions, the city also approved 20 minutes of free parking in the short-term lot, which is across from the terminal. The charge for 21 minutes to an hour will be $1 with an additional $1 added for every 30 minutes after that. The maximum for 24 hours is $10.

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