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Nueces County Courthouse and Jail Power Up

Nueces County buildings will function with much greater capacity after permanent backup generators are installed. Temporary generators are in place now. Courtesy photo

Temporary generators installed; permanent generators expected by winter

Nueces County facilities soon will be even better prepared for the worst in the event of severe weather or a natural disaster. Three temporary generators will be functional by Friday, Sept. 3, in the Nueces County Courthouse and jail.

By January or February, Phase 2 of the project will have permanent backup power generators delivered and installed by Lockwood, Andrews & Newnam Inc. at a cost of $8 million.

“The county is becoming more prepared,” said LAN senior project manager Shane Petersen. “This project has been ongoing for years and transpired after Hurricane Harvey.”

In addition to providing light into necessary hallways and rooms, the generators will power heat and air conditioning and other necessary functions of the buildings.

Two separate permanent generators of 1,250 kWh each will power the courthouse and run on natural gas. The jail will be facilitated by two 625 kWh generators. In addition, a 48- to 60-hour reserve fuel tank and a transformer will be installed.

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