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Nueces County Sheriff’s Office Needs You

A transport van for the Nueces County Sheriff’s Office has a second job as a moving billboard advertising the department’s need for new hires. A second van should be on the road soon with the same details: Call 361-887-2235 if interested in working for the sheriff’s office. Courtesy photo

Chronically understaffed, the Nueces County Sheriff’s Office has stepped up recruiting efforts for personnel, including wrapping a transport van with a “Now Hiring” sign and a phone number. A second vehicle with a similar wrap should be ready to drive the streets of Corpus Christi as a moving billboard soon.

“We’ve been struggling to stay fully staffed,” Sheriff J.C. Hooper said at the first van’s recent unveiling. “It’s not just something this sheriff has been dealing with. Every sheriff before me has been dealing with staffing shortages.”

The need is especially acute in the county jail, where 180 people are working overtime because of 24 unfilled positions.

To find out more about becoming part of the Nueces County Sheriff’s Office, check out its recruitment page online.

An equal opportunity employer, the sheriff’s office works to “attract and retain men and women who reflect the diversity of our community,” according to the website.

“We need individuals who can enforce the law and who want to work with citizens to improve the quality of life in Nueces County,” it continues.

Starting salary for a Nueces County cadet corrections officer is $31,169.89 a year. Once certified, the salary increases to $35,127.56 a year. Benefits include health insurance, life insurance, a dental plan, disability insurance, paid holidays, a retirement plan, and opportunities for advancement.

For more information, call 361-887-2235, the number printed on the side of the transport van. Online applications are available at this link.

The Nueces County Sheriff’s Office is located at 901 Leopard St. in Corpus Christi.

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