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Ocean Drive Makeover Underway in Corpus Christi

Parts of Shoreline Boulevard and Ocean Drive were upgraded in 2016 and 2018. Now, the remaining 14 miles from Interstate 37 to Ennis Joslin are getting a makeover as well. Work begins in October 2020 and should be completed by August 2021. Staff photo

Yet another Corpus Christi landmark is getting a makeover: a 14-mile stretch of Ocean Drive from Interstate 37 to Ennis Joslin is slated for major rehabilitation to include bike lanes, signage, pedestrian crosswalks, and a new pavement overlay.

Shoreline Boulevard from Lomax to Louisiana will undergo beautification. That portion, which is part of the same stretch of roadway as Ocean Drive, just under a different name, was reconstructed in 2016 and 2018.

The city held a groundbreaking Oct. 8 for the project. Construction should begin in October for the Shoreline Drive portion. Work on Interstate 37 to Lomax Street will begin in January 2021 and be completed sometime in August 2021.

The total cost of the Revive the Drive project is $12.8 million.

“People drive this route to see the beauty,” City Manager Peter Zanoni said during the groundbreaking. “Not only do they go to the beach, and maybe downtown and the aquarium, but some of them just drive the drive to see and be awed by the beauty and the wonder it presents.”

To follow other street upgrades, visit the city’s Street Projects webpage.

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TrueAmerican56 —
Streets need improvement, BUT STOP WITH THE BEAUTIFICATION, just fix the streets. This city destroyed downtown with BEAUTIFICATION, we lost a beautiful drive down Shoreline. JUST FIX THE ROADS.

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