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Port Aransas Beach Access Compromise Reached

Residents in Port Aransas neighborhoods near beaches have complained about cars blocking driveways and roadways. The only place to park in Port Aransas is on the beach, so the city reopened most of its access roads to allow for parking there. Courtesy photo

A compromise has been reached on vehicle access to beaches in Port Aransas between the city and Nueces County, officials announced Tuesday, Aug. 11. Port Aransas reopened its beaches to vehicle traffic on Sunday, Aug. 9, in defiance of a Nueces County order banning anything on four wheels through at least Aug. 17. Port Aransas Mayor Charles Bujan said the city could no longer afford to enforce the county ban.

The beach ban on vehicles crowded Port Aransas streets with parked cars and trucks, creating problems for residents who found their driveways and roadways blocked. Port Aransas police officers were working overtime to clear cars from the street and keep them off the beach. Overtime money ran out, Bujan said.

The new plan allows limited vehicle access to the city’s beaches. Parking will be allowed within 500 feet on each side of newly opened Beach Access Road 1A, Sand Castle Drive, Avenue G, Lantana Drive, and Beach Street. Beach Access Road 1 and Cotter Avenue will continue to be blocked.

Sand berms will be put up Tuesday to block the beach road so vehicles cannot drive up and down the shoreline.

Nueces County also promised to help with enforcement to prevent more overtime on the part of the city police department.

“Public health, public safety, and public finances are all interconnected and vitally important,” Nueces County Judge Barbara Canales said in a statement issued Monday, Aug. 10, the day she met with Bujan. “Our success (in stopping the spread of COVID-19) depends on the close cooperation and coordination of city, county, state, and federal governments to create rules that deliver results, and I look forward to continue working with Port Aransas, a vital partner in our emergency management effort.”

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There are 3 comments.

JJ —
Driving on the beach---any beach is evil and ugly. No Hawaiian beach would allow such an atrocity. Kill seabirds? Destroy turtle eggs? Leave treadmarks? Make one of the few wild places we have left look just like another hideous city street, marred by the sight of giant metal/plastic hulks. Wanna get away from it all or not? Texans apparently do not! Care about beauty and other critters? Texans apparently do not! Why would anyone ever "vacation" in Texas? ---from a native Texan, ashamed of the state
Sheila —
This is absolutely ridiculous. The beach and ocean do not give one covid. Driving in their vehicle does not as well. Making people park right next to each other and walk next to each other is giving the higher chance. If this judge would have raised the mask requirement when it was advised and follow all the other rules when it was advised, the numbers would not have gotten so high. It was not brought in by the tourist, it was brought in by a negligent judge. She backs the VLCC too , she wants businesses to close in Port Aransas so she can fatten her wallet along with the others who do not care if they kill the sea life and blow up peoples homes. So lets close the beaches and cause a small island to shut down while she builds her wallet.
GW Semmmler —
This is the stupid thing i have ever heard of. Everybody parks and walks to the beach and cannot spread out and congregates all in one area on the beach because of the walking?? Does not make a lot of common sense to me. So everyone can spread COVID- 19 to each other. Would it not make more sense to let vehicles on the beach and have a 100 foot rule from vehicles with no more that 5 or 10 to a group and have the law enforce it instead of sitting there turning people away. This is just a bad call and is not protecting anyone from getting COVID in fact it makes it worse if you ask me.

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