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Torchy’s Tacos Says Too Soon for Corpus Christi

Torchy’s Tacos recently posted this announcement on its webpage. As of July 30, it was taken down. Torchy’s sent Corpus Christi Business News a statement saying, ‘We were premature in placing the market and hiring posts on our website …’

They’re coming. They’re not coming. They are probably (maybe) coming.

Torchy’s Tacos, an Austin-based taco chain with attitude, recently caused a stir in Corpus Christi by posting a page on its website announcing a new location opening there soon. The address posted was that of the La Palmera shopping district. Two job notices for kitchen manager and assistant manager were also posted.

After news broke, the page disappeared. So did the job listings. Corpus Christi Business News reached out to Torchy’s, which sent back a statement.

“We are working to bring Torchy’s Tacos to Corpus Christi as we know taco junkies in the city are clamoring for us,” the statement read. “We share that excitement! Unfortunately, we were premature in placing the market and hiring posts on our website, and we apologize to our fans for that error. As soon as we have concrete details, we will let you know.”

Social media response was mixed. Coupled with great excitement for Trailer Park Trashy and Alabama Shake tacos were posts decrying an outsider’s intrusion on a Corpus Christi staple.

“I would rather eat Hi-Ho or Southside Barbacoa tacos …” tweeted one Corpus Christi resident naming two local favorites.

Corpus Christi is certainly not short on tasty tacos. Do a web search for “taco restaurants in Corpus Christi” to see pages of choices. Although the list includes places such as Jack in the Box — which does sell a taco — it has an impressive number of locally owned taquerias and Mexican restaurants as well. However, the list excludes food trucks, another taco source.

Torchy’s does have its Corpus Christi fan club. In fact, @DOSXXGIRL361 might have started the whole thing with a tweet to Torchy’s in the first place.

“@torchystacos please [insert three praying hands emojis] open a restaurant within a 30 mile radius of Corpus Christi soo craving [insert two taco emojis].”

Torchy’s replied, “We’ll just leave this here… [insert eyes emojis],” with a link to its webpage announcement, which, as reported earlier, is no longer there.

Advice to @DOSXXGIRL361: Gas up the vehicle. San Antonio is the closest Torchy’s — for now.

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