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Vacant hotel could be worker housing

An abandoned hotel at 6255 Interstate 37 in Corpus Christi could soon become worker housing. Google Maps image

Developer Corpus Christi Capital Group LLC has proposed renovating an abandoned hotel at Interstate 37 and Corn Products Road as an apartment complex, catering to construction and other temporary workers.

The 360-room property at 6255 Interstate 37 was once part of the Hilton chain. Before closing its doors, it operated under the name Valstay Inn & Suites. The property recently was appraised at $890,000. Corpus Christi Capital Group purchased it in early 2020.

The developer has requested a special permit for a higher-density apartment complex but with fewer parking spaces than the average complex, projecting that many of the units leased would be solo occupancy.

The Corpus Christi City Council gave the project an initial thumbs-up and could vote on a final approval in October.

Should the project go forward, the developer is expected to reduce the present number of units when converting from hotel rooms to apartments, although specifics are not yet available. Al Rajabi of Corpus Christi Capital Group indicated the project’s common area amenities would include a pool and a renovated courtyard.

The developer has not yet made public how much it would invest in the project and is still arranging financing.

Despite the council’s favorable vote, some members voiced unease about the proposed complex's location and the poor condition of Corn Products Road. The property sits near a light industrial area that generates heavy equipment traffic.

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