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Work resumes on Harbor Bridge main span

The Texas Department of Transportation delivered some welcome news Dec. 14: Work on the main span of the long-delayed Harbor Bridge project (pictured) could resume. Courtesy photo

Work began again Dec. 15 on the main span of Corpus Christi’s new Harbor Bridge. Construction was halted in July due to safety concerns that included specific crane placements, significant uplift at intermediate piers, deficient pile caps, inadequate capacity of pylon-drilled shafts, and defective delta frame designs.

The issue with delta frames was resolved in October when the frames were redesigned to include steel reinforcement.

Four remaining safety issues will be addressed soon, a spokesperson for Flatiron/Dragados said in a statement. If satisfied with those solutions, the Texas Department of Transportation could lift the notice of default it issued to the construction company in August 2022. At that time, the state agency cited a lack of responsiveness to design and safety concerns.

The bridge is projected to be completed in 2025 at a cost of $930 million. It will replace an existing span that opened to traffic in 1959. Construction began in 2016 with an original completion date of 2020.

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