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Nu Drain Restores Eroded Drain Lines Using Trench-less Drain Pipe Lining

Nu Drain Plumbing Services, LLC was founded in Canada in 1988 where it made and installed trench-less drain and sewer lining solutions. Over the years, Nu Drain expanded with other business partners, giving it more options. “In 2005 Nu Flow added epoxy coating technology for restoration of potable pipes and mechanical systems. Nu Flow acquired several industry partners in 2007 and this allowed it to add whole structure bio water filtration solutions,” the website gave it an example. “Throughout 2008, Nu Flow continued acquiring industry partners and expanded its domestic and overseas presence. During 2009, product and service lines were again expanded to include additional structural and other specialty lining solutions.”

Nu Drain Plumbing Services, LLC is located on 805 S Staples St in Corpus Christi. It is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Its phone number is 361-884-4800.

Among the industries that Nu Drain Plumbing Services, LLC works for includes family buildings, hospitals, schools, restaurants, hotels, commercial and residential buildings, and historical sites.

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