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Pure Energy Fitness: Where to Work on Getting Fit

A 24-hour gym that is considered to be the biggest gym. It has welcoming staff that is also providing childcare. It also has a supplement shop nearby. It is as well mentioned having active staff cleaning, walking around, and helping.

Trevor G. a yelp reviewer commented, “It has everything you could ever need to get in shape, including tires to flip, ropes to shake, and even a truck to lift! The staff is very friendly, always walking around cleaning, and keeping busy. This place is huge, they have so many rooms with so much equipment. They even have room to watch kids.” Facebook reviewer Jocelyn Rodrigez recommends it, saying, “probably the best gym I’ve been to. It’s a little away from home but [there are] so many different machines and options and although it looks REALLY intimidating all of the staff is really helpful and everyone is really nice to each other & so willing to help you if you’re lost. 10/10 HIGHLY recommend!!” Yelp reviewer Will S. shared, “Love this gym. It’s a serious gym. I join here every time I come for work. They have a supplement shop all in one spot. Every single piece of equipment you need to get serious results. I lost 50lbs here and got ripped like Rambo.” Another facebook reviewer recommends, Rick Mendez, Pure Energy Fitness by saying, “Friendly staff, clean facility with plenty of equipment.” It is a 24-hour gym that can be accessed at any time. Since it’s a big gym it has different rooms and equipment available to the members of Pure Energy Fitness. It is located at 1006 US-181, Portland. Customers can call this location at 361-704-6755.

It comes with a great benefit as well as having childcare for those with children coming to the gym.

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Sam —
You know Pure Energy doesn't exist anymore, right? It was bought by Rocks last October. Kinda strange to see this as a news article when the gym you are writing about changed names / hands almost a year ago.

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