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Tejas Budget Buildings in Corpus Christi has you covered

Josh Boyd (left), Steven Rives, and Kenneth and Joyce Rives in front of just a few of the sturdy, durable buildings they offer at Tejas Budget Buildings in Corpus Christi. Photo by Jane Kathleen Gregorio

While others consider retirement a time to relax from years of hard work, for Kenneth and Joyce Rives, it was an opportunity to get back to work — this time as partners of Tejas Budget Buildings, a company already growing after only two years in business.

Together with nephew Steven Rives, a third-generation commercial paint contractor and landowner, and great-nephew Josh Boyd, an accountant and entrepreneur, they formed a new dealership. The four became co-owners of Tejas Budget Buildings in August 2016.

The ideas for their now four businesses blew in on the winds of their hometown’s reputation as the nation’s windiest city, which is also located in a hurricane zone. The four partners decided Corpus Christi and the Coastal Bend were the perfect markets for strong, durable portable buildings, garages, carports, and trailers.

They started with Premier Portable Buildings, well-known for being able to withstand up to 130-mph winds. A retired contractor — one of the first in the area to use metal studs in buildings — Kenneth Rives knew the importance of durability in Coastal Bend structures.

Premier Portables, which come in a variety of colors and designs, can be used as storage sheds, lofted barns, cabins, or homes. The smallest is a 6 feet by 10 feet; the largest 16 feet by 48 feet.

“We can also build larger custom buildings,” Joyce said. “If a customer needs a shed but can’t get one onto their property, Premier can actually build an urban structure on a client’s backyard.”

Only four months in business, Tejas Budget Buildings was recognized by Premier Portables for its outstanding sales. That’s when they decided they needed to add another income stream to the family business — one that wouldn’t conflict with Premier buildings

“The answer was American Steel Carports Inc.,” Joyce said. “It specializes in quality structural steel garages, carports, and agricultural, storage, and custom buildings.”

Both Premier and American Steel provide financing options for customers. Premier offers traditional financing through GreenSky or rent-to-own as a no-credit-check option, while American Steel Carports provides financing through GreenSky as well and its own rent-to-own program. Customers can also finance through their own credit union or banks.

The next business move was building tiny houses — turning sturdy, durable portable buildings into temporary or even permanent residences. One of the first buildings sold by Tejas Budget Buildings was a 14-foot-by-40-foot building to a couple who planned to live in it while building their ranch home.

“It was just an empty shell,” Joyce said. “But boy, did they fix it up on the inside! The workmanship was superior.”

The shed was customized to include three lofts and a hallway to a bathroom. The bedroom area was furnished with an AC/heating unit, and the bathroom was fitted with a washer/dryer. The interior was painted white and included a wrap-around kitchen.

After the couple’s ranch house was built, they paid Tejas Budget Buildings a fee to resell the the tiny house, a service the company provides as long as the product was purchased from its dealership.

During Hurricane Harvey, the portable buildings of Tejas Budget Buildings played a role in providing temporary housing for some of the affected Coastal Bend residents.

“We were able to provide Premier cabins on a rent-to-own basis for customers in Rockport, Aransas Pass, Ingleside, and Taft,” Joyce said. “Customers lived in them until they could get back on their feet and get their homes built.”

Four months ago, the company added two other product lines to its repertoire: Texas Bragg Trailers and Lark United Cargo Trailers. The trailers range in size from 5 feet by 8 feet, good for lawn mowers and golf carts, up to 40-foot goose-neck trailers for heavy equipment. To complement the new trailer lines, Tejas has a full-time service department for all trailers and brands.

As a family business, Tejas Budget Buildings is committed to helping customers while also benefiting the community.

“We are a family-owned, local business that supports the community, and our customers can expect to be treated with honesty, professionalism and quality products,” Joyce Rives said. “And to quote American Steel’s slogan, ‘If you can dream it, we can build it.’ That is something wonderful to live by and go by.”

Tejas Budget Buildings is located at 5548 Ayers St. For more information, call (361) 290-5690 or visit

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